I Am 1 Yr Post BA. Implants Are Thinning, Scarre

1 yr. post op BA-375cc/400cc mod+. Several months post op. noticed left breast was 'cut off' in lower inside corner.PS said it was a fold in implant. Scars were prominent after 8 mos. Went to PS and got cortisone. Breasts have progressively gotten worse.Scars remain, skin turned bluish and skin thinned, rippling.. PS revised left implant by removing sutures and tightning skin where it looks like implant is bubbling thru scar.Now, I get sad.What is going on? This is a follow up to my 1st question.

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Breast implants with thin skin and bad scars

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It is hard to know for sure with just photos, but it appears as if your implants are in the subglandular position. If this is the case, I would suggest having the implants placed in the subpectoral space. If you do this, you will most likely need a small mastopexy procedure. I think that you would have the best results by switching to a slightly smaller silicone gel implant and having a vertical mastopexy that removes your bad scars. 

Lets discuss capsule, implant, soft tissue thickness, and scar

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There are a few issues that we should discuss separately as any potential improvement will require different treatments.  1)  Soft-tissue thickness: It appears that you are thin.  There a handful of treatments that are available to make the rippling better.  If you have saline implants you should switch to silicone as this will improve the rippling.  Fat grafting to this area may help as will adding acellular dermal matrix (cadaver skin).  2) Scar:  believe it or not the appearance of the scar is the easiest to correct as this can be cut out and sutured under local anesthesia.  3) Capsule:  if your implants are very firm you will need a capsullotomy (opening of the capsule) or a capsulectomy (removal of the capsule).  It also appears that your capsule pocket  need to be opened more toward your sternum (cleavage) and closed on the side near the armpit area.  4) Implant:  silicone would be a better choice for rippling if you have saline.  Otherwise, an implant that is properly sized for your chest is also key.  It is hard to tell but your implants may be a little too narrow.


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Scarring 1 Year After Breast Surgery

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Thank you for sharing you photographs.

At one year post op, your results are pretty much established and the scars you have may require a surgical revision since the corticosteroid did not help much.

Your surgeon should have your progress documented with photographs and their assessment is important to better understand how you got to be with the current scar. So, consulting with your surgeon is important as he/she knows all the details of your surgery.


Best of luck to you and thank you for your inquiry.

Dr. Sajjadian

Breast implant question

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Sorry but this is really hard to answer without a proper exam. You may need scar revision or another procedure. Please see a few board certified plastic surgeons for consultation and you should be able to get a plan to improve your situation. Good Luck

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