What Do You Do if Your Surgeon Did Not Fulfill Your Breast Augmentation Specifications? (photo)

Had my procedure 5 months ago, requested saline 300cc mod plus profile. I was provided 275cc low profile implants and am dissatisfied. One implant sits in my armpit, the other still rides high, and I barely have cleavage. Surgeon says my body "couldn't handle" 300cc and that my chest wall was too wide for the mod plus. I am a size 00/XS wearing person, how could it be too wide? I experience pain daily in my armpits, every time I move my arms. What can I do to correct this and get my time/money's worth?

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What Do You Do if Your Surgeon Did Not Fulfill Your Breast Augmentation Specifications?

Very hard to advise in the middle of an obvious mis communication issue between you and your surgeon. As for the differences in the 275 cc to 300 cc and the mod + vs mod(low). Are so minor that the issue might be better understood with more posted before and after photos. Or seek in person second opinions. Sounds like you had transaxillary incisions also??? Only a second surgery can allow an exchange to a larger size. You might be having size remorse, wishing you had chose a larger size like 400 cc??? 

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Unhappy After Breast Augmentation

Well to be fair, we don't have your before pictures. Therefore, it's hard to give advice when there is nothing to compare this picture to. However, there are different profile implants. There is moderate, moderate plus and high profile implants. I use moderate plus on a majority of my patients. I use high profile when someone has an extremely narrow chest. Lastly, I use moderate profile on someone with an extremely broad chest. You should speak with your surgeon about your concerns.

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I would start out by discussing these issues with your plastic surgeon


Thank you for the question and photo.  I am sorry to hear that you have not had a good experience with your breast augmentation procedure.  From your description it sounds like your implants are too small in overall volume for what you would like and your pockets are too wide.  Repair of this would involve suturing the pocket and replacing the implant.  I would discuss these issues first with your plastic surgeon and see if you can reach a plan that works for both of you.  If this does not work out you may benefit from a second and third opinion which you can also share with your plastic surgeon.  The link below shows a thin patient with a narrow chest after moderate plus profile implants.

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Low Profile

Honestly, I'm not sure why they even make low profile implants because I can't figure out a scenario they would be useful? If your surgeon thinks that the smaller size had a better aesthetic result I would go with it. It would be different if you wanted 400 and he put in 300's. It is easy to change to larger size so there is always that option if needed.

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