What is your best suggestion to close the gaps in my teeth? (Photo)

I am 26 female and I hate my gaps. It's embarrassing for me to smile in public. I've visited several dentist and they said for me to have braces and thats one thing I never want to have. Metal in my mouth is a NO NO. What are the best options for me to look at?Help me get my perfect smile..

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Closing gaps without braces.

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With the size of the midline gap any prosthetic closure of the space will lead to very wide and unattractive central incisors.  Invisalign is one choice without braces otherwise I would suggest utilizing a non visible appliance to just quickly bring your central incisors closer together.  

You can then do bonding to hold teeth together and fill gaps with more pleasantly shaped teeth.  If you are happy with the result you can do ceramic veneers in the future but if you don't like the results you could still go back to orthodontics.

Embarrassing gaps...

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Hi Jennifer, 
Even though you hate your teeth, I can tell you that this would be a very easy fix at my office.  If cost is an issue, then I would put you in Invisalign first, while simultaneously whitening your teeth over that period.  This would help you to see major improvements over a relatively short period of time (about 9 months).  At the completion of your Invisalign, I would veneer about four of your teeth.  Veneers should last you more than 20 years and would be stain resistant.  Once finished, you could probably get a job in a toothpaste commercial.  I've seen much worse over the course of the past 10 years.  Find a top cosmetic dentist and thoroughly review their before and after photos and their website.  I hope this helped and follow me if you have any more questions.

Sarah Thompson, DMD  
O'Fallon, IL  and St. Louis, MO

recommend getting Invisalign first

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