Can You Have Your Stitches Taken out 4 Years After a TT? I Have Burning Pain When I Use my Abdominal Muscles?

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Can You Have Your Stitches Taken out 4 Years After a #TummyTuck? ... ANS:

I do have patients that have discomfort like you are experiencing even years later...But I have never taken sutures out for that reason. Because the tissues have long fused I doubt it would have much effect and I'm not really sure where the pain comes from in the first place, to be honest. But I have had sutures become irritating and drain to the surface, and those, I have removed...And it helps..

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Pain When I Use my Abdominal Muscles?

Yes you can have the sutures removed if need be. It would require re-opening the incisions for access to all the sutures.

But: There is no certainty that the pain you are having is related to the TT surgery.

And: If the sutures are taken out, the abdomen is already healed, so nothing may change in your abdominal wall.


What you can do is discuss the possible causes of you symptoms with your surgeon, and with your regular physician to try to find the cause of the symptoms, and to plan treatment that is most likely to be successful.

Thanks for your question, best wishes.

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