If Your Skin is Still Pink Weeks After Laser Resurfacing, Does That Mean You Are Still Healing?

I'm about 3.5 weeks after I recieved laser resurfacing. My results are very mild so far, but overall I don't notice much of a difference! I know my doctor used a Sciton Laser. My skin is still very pink. Could that mean I'm still in the process of healing and that there's a chance my skin will continue to improve? I was treated for mild acne scars on my cheeks. I went to a very reputable plastic surgeon, price was just a little over $3,000. I had my entire face done under anesthesia.

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Laser Skin Resurfacing takes a while for the results to to show

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Thank you for your question.  Many patients who have laser facial skin resurfacing have the same question.  The Sciton laser is a good laser that produces great results.  However, with any laser skin resurfacing procedure, the results take several months to show.  The reason for the delay in noticeable results is because of the healing process of the skin to injury.  After the microscopic injuries produced in the facial skin with the laser, the skin begins to remodel by producing a greater amount of collagen.  This additional collagen allows the skin to thicken and tighten over the course of approximately 12 months.  Results begin to be most noticeable after about 3 months.  I have used the Sciton laser but have switched to the Fraxel Dual laser because of the faster recovery time and it is better tolerated by my patients.  This Fraxel laser treats a fraction of the skin during each procedure which allows the skin to heal at a much faster rate.  Our patient's facial redness usually resolves in approximately 3-7 days.  There is no downtime since our patients are able to resume their daily activities the same day.  The procedure only requires topical anesthesia which our patients greatly appreciate.  Despite the type of laser used for laser facial skin resurfacing, the results will take approximately 3 months to see a noticeable difference.  I am certain you will be pleased with the way your skin looks and feels. I hope this helps.  All the best!!  Dr. Vinyard

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