Can You Get One of Your Silicone Implants Bigger Than the Other?

I was under the impression that you can only get saline implants that are different sizes, with one being filled more than the other. Can you do the same with silicone? I have one breast smaller than the other and want to achieve better symmetry. I think I want silicone implants but can I have one bigger than the other?

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Asymmetric Breasts and Breast Implants - A Natural Pairing

In general most of us are asymmetric.  Its true, if one looks closely enough differences can be noted.  Breast are usually asymmetric, whether it be the bottom of the breast, the breast fold, nipple position, areolar size, breast tissue, width, skin or even differences in the rib positioning, sternal or clavicular shapes - difference exist in most people.
Through a careful examination and discussion with your plastic surgeon these difference may be addressed with different implant sizes, shapes or styles.  In some cases a breast lift or liposuction may also help minimize the differences.  However even with all the tools available the breasts remain asymmetric if examined thoroughly. Realizing that despite all of the adjustments some asymmetry will exist no matter what is done.  It may be slightly less or different - but through time the breasts will age, relax, and stretch differently.  My suggestion is to have this discussion with your plastic surgeon.
We often recommend going with similar size implants so that gravity will play a similar role over time.


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Can You Get One of Your Silicone Implants Bigger Than the Other?

Yes silicones come in different filled volumes and shapes. Discuss with your chosen surgeon the options of ordering differing sizes. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Using differneent size implants for breast augmentatio

yes , it is common to use two different implants in breast augmentation.  generally there will be improvement but most women always have some asymmetry

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Sizes of silicone gel implants

Silicone gel filled implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes just like saline filled implants.  The main difference is that gel filled implants are already filled prior to placement, and the sizes typically increase by 30 cc for smaller implants and by 50 cc for the larger implants.  Saline filled implants are filled after placement in the breast pocket.  Since the surgeon is one who is adding the actual volume, there is a bit more flexibility in regards to the final size.  Often in order to correct obvious asymmetries, plastic surgeons will use temporary sizers to determine the correct size during the procedure.

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Silicone implants

If there is a significant size difference, then two different implants can be placed. Remember that will also change the dimensions of the implant.  If patients are only slightly different I will use the same size. Saline implants can be over filled  a bit to compensate for some volume differences as well and yet keep the dimensions closer.

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Breast asymmetry and implant sizes

If breasts are asymmetic, breast augmentation can be performed with with different sized implants in each breast to help achieve symmetry.  Since silicone filled implants only come in certain sizes, there is a limit to the amount of variablity between the implants.  However, saline implants not only come in varying sizes, but also, can be filled at the time of surgey to different volumes.   This makes correcting breast asymmetries a little easier with saline than with silicone implants.  I would suggest you try on the various sizes, prior to your sugery, to help determine how big the volume difference is between your breasts.  This will help your surgeon choose an appropriate size implant for each breast.  Best wishes.

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Silicone Implants Do Not Have To Be Same Size

Although it may be easier to treat asymmetrical breasts with saline implants because of the ability to adjust volumes, you certainly can achieve a good result with different sized silicone implants.  Obtain a consultation with a BC plastic surgeon with whom you can discuss the benefits/risks of each type of implant.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
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Breast Implants for Asymmetric Breasts

Dear waytogo,

Breast asymmetry is a fairly common condition, and using different sized breast implants (whether silicone gel or saline) can help improve the unevenness. Achieving complete symmetry, however, is unlikely, so some differences in breast size and/or shape should still be expected.

Warmest wishes,

Larry Fan, MD

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Different Size Silicone Gel Implants?

Thank you for the question.

Breast asymmetry is very common and the use of different size ( and even different profiles) of silicone gel breast implants is also quite common.

Although the use of different size implant  may help improve symmetry, patients should understand that absolute symmetry of the breasts will likely not be achieved.

I hope this helps.

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Asymmetry and silicone implants


Silicone implants come in different sizes and shapes.  The difference is that silicone implants are prefilled & saline implants are filled at the time of surgery.  There are options for patients that have size asymmetry & prefer silicone implants. I like to have sizers and several implant sizes available at the time of surgery.


George John Alexander, MD, FACS
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