Is It Better to Be at Your Platuea Look for Your Body Before Cool Sculpting? (photo)

Below is a pic of me in shape a yr ago & a current pic. When I was in shape I was much stronger and 10 lbs lighter, but still had the stubborn lower ab & love handle fat. I just started my workouts again. My question is should I get back into shape before doing the cool sculpting or should I do the cool sculpting now & continue to work myself back to my previous shape? which would be more effective?because from my understanding when I get into shape I am just shrinking and emptying my fat cells.

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CoolSculpting only works on fat above the muscle wall

You would need an examination in person to determine if there is fat above the muscle wall of the abdomen that can be sucked into the machine and frozen for a hour. If there is excessive internal fat around the intestinal tract that pushes the abdominal wall forward, then liposuction and coolSculpting won't work.

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Best time for Coolsculpting

The best time is when you have realistic expectations , a small localized fat bulge to be treated and you are not treating visceral fat. Have your doc pinch your skin to tell you.

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CoolSculpting for Fat Loss

This is a great question. Of course, if you can lose some inches and get in better shape without the expense of a procedure do it. Some people can work very, very hard and manage to get in great shape, but they realize what it takes to maintain that physique is not sustainable. Others find that no matter how hard they work, there are some areas that simply won't budge. Still others discover that with each passing year, having the physique they used to have is more and more challenging.

In any of these scenarios, CoolSculpting can help. A healthy person with a healthy weight is likely an ideal candidate for CoolSculpting

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Best Shape for CoolSculpting

Thank you for your question regarding CoolSculpting and the best shape to be in the for procedure.  It would be ideal if you were in the best possible shape before undergoing CoolSculpting to achieve the maximum result.  CoolSculpting results are most noticeable for those who are in very good shape with very small areas of fat that resist diet and exercise. I would say from your photos that the shape that you were in a year ago would make you an better candidate for CoolSculpting. 

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