What is Your Opinion of the Sleeve?

There are some new surgeries on the stomach for weight loss like the sleeve and there is another that is noninvasive and folds the stomach in half. What is you opinion on these alternatives to regular gastric bi pas.

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Sleeve is a safe and effective procedure

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Gastric bypass is an effective weight loss procedure that has been around for over 30 years. People lose ~70% of their excess weight in ~12-18mos. Sleeve gastrectomy has been used as a primary procedure for over 8 years, and has been shown to provide similar weight loss, ~70% in 12-18 months. The sleeve is thought to be less aggressive as we are only cutting the stomach, whereas the bypass also involves cutting and re-routing bowels and creating anastamoses. Many prefer the gastric sleeve because there is also no malabsorption issues. In regards to gastric plication (folding the stomach on itself to shrink the size), this has only been around for 18-24mos. We do not have long term studies to show that after initial weight loss, that it will stay off. This is why most people offering plication are clearly explaining to patients that it is still considered investigational. That is official stance of the ASMBS as well. Hope this helps.

Beverly Hills Bariatric Surgeon

Opinion on sleeve

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Gastric sleeve is an excellent operation. Patients have great weight loss, hunger control, and improvement/resolution of their obesity-related health conditions. Some studies have shown the results are equal to gastric bypass. Others have shown it to be slightly inferior, but much better than Lap Band. There are some medical conditions which make one operation superior to the other. It is a discussion each patient should have with their surgeon. 

Carson C. Cunningham, MD
Lafayette Bariatric Surgeon

Sleeve versus Plication

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I like the sleeve gastrectomy operation. For some patients it is the right operation, for other patients some of the other weight loss procedures would be better.  It is the type of decision that is very individual and needs to be arrived at in consultation with a Bariatric surgeon. 

I don't believe that many surgeons are recommending the gastric plication.   It is difficult to reverse, and therefore a sleeve gives the same level of restriction with the added benefit of reducing the hunger hormone ghrelin.  A gastric plication will have minimal impact on circulating ghrelin levels since the entirety of the stomach is still in place, even if it is all folded up inside itself. 

Hope that helps!!

Daniel J. Rosen, MD
New York Bariatric Surgeon
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Sleeve surgery is one of the most popular surgery in Dominican Republic, such as Latin America. This surgery have similar results in weight loss, and inproving related disseases. Needs less nutritional supplements than bypass. This surgery is not the best ones for sweet lovers. Is important to consider other options in patients tha have severe gastric reflux.

This is my most favorite surgery

Pablo Garcia, MD
Dominican Republic Bariatric Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 116 reviews

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