7 Months Post Tummy Tuck, Do I Look Like a Candidate For a Revision? (Photo)

Had a tummy tuck to remove excess skin in Jan 2011 with lipo. Now I'm noticing more and more excess skin as well as a midline bulge (which had thought to be a seroma has now been ruled out).

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Some correction will be worth while

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Thank you for the question and photo.  You will first have to determine for yourself what you would like to achieve as several revision options are available.  A full tummy tuck revision is one option, liposuction alone may be another reasonable option.  Based on the photos of your sides and back a circumferential tummy tuck or circumferential waist liposuction may also be reasonable.  Give this some thought as each revision option has a different time and recovery time investment.


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7 Months Post Tummy Tuck, Do I Look Like a Candidate For a Revision?

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Thank you for your question and photo.  I would certainly recommend some type of revision depending on what is bothering you.  Two options are possible.  First would be liposuction of hips and love handle area to give you a better waist.  A second option would be to remove more skin - this will help with the bulges near the belly button.  Also, the scar could be lowered and made straighter at that time.

Hope this helps.

Am I a candidate for revision of my Tommy tuck surgery.

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It is obvious from the picture that you do not have a perfect result, but it could be considered a good result depending on how things looked before. A pre-operative photo would have been helpful to make that distinction. At this point you could benefit from some additional liposuction and possibly some skin resection on the hips. It would be hard to lower your scar at this point without moving your belly botton.

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Tummy Tuck Revision

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Based on your single photo it appears that you are a good candidate for revisional surgery.  Without a side view I cannot appreciate a bulge or skin laxity.  If there is some skin laxity then this would present a wonderful opportunity to lower the scar with the removal of the remaining loose skin.  Additionally, you would also benefit form liposuction around your waist and hips to better contour your figure.  During your next visit with your plastic surgeon discuss your concerns and formulate a plan to address them.  Best wishes!!!!!

Tummy tuck revision

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Yes, you may be a good candidate for tummy tuck revision. What the revision would involve  depends on what areas/issues are concerning you.

Common areas of concern would be the placement of scar (scar may be able to be lowered), areas of isolated  adipose tissue ( which can be treated with liposuction),  or the presence of redundant skin ( which can be treated with further excision).

Sometimes patients are concerned about additional skin and adipose tissue along the flanks ("muffin top") or back areas. This can be treated with additional skin and adipose tissue excision. This would involve extending the contest incision to the sides and back area.

I hope this helps.


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Thanks for the photo. A side view would've been helpful. What I see, is that you have some irregularities around your waist line and the hips were undertreated or not treated. Your scar is acceptable, personally I place my tummy tuck scars low in the pubic area, keep it straight without a notch in it. You could get some improvement in shape from liposuction at this time including the hips. When I do a tummy tuck I also address the whole midsection with extensive lposuction of the bra rolls, waist, hip rolls and upper abdomen. If you truly have lose skin (hard to appreciate from this upright photo) then this can be removed at the time of the liposuction. See your plastic surgeon and discuss your concerns. Good luck.

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