Need your opinion about my outcome so far?

1 month postop mommy makeover. Developed seroma 2nd week and was drained two syringes the first day and then about 15cc a week from that. My ps stated the rest would leave on its own.

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Outcome after your mommy makeover

It is impossible for us to judge your outcome of your Mommy Makeover without seeing pre-op and post-op photos and a detailed explanation of exactly what you had done. Regarding your seroma, it may or may not come back - hard to say.

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Seroma management

Seroma or collection of blood tinged fluid under a tummy tuck is a very common complication, which is usually managed by serial aspiration, activity restriction and compression.  As long as the fluid does 't recur and/or the overlying skin gets red, hot and tender, you should do well.  Follow up closely with your PS.  Good luck. 

Lavinia K. Chong, MD
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Seroma after tummy tuck

Seroma formation following a tummy tuck is one of the most common complications from the procedure. It sounds like it was treated appropriately. Your body should be able to reabsorb approximately 25-30 cc of fluid production per day. If your seroma reaccumulates, it can likely easily be drained again. Discuss with your surgeon should you additional concerns about the seroma.

Nicholas Tarola, MD
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Tummy tuck seroma

Seromas of 15 cc or less on the abdomen after a mommy make-over usually absorb on their own. That said, I aspirate any seroma at least twice a week until no fluid remains.

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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Need your opinion about my outcome so far?

Without an exam it would be very difficult to say if you need more drainage. Overall the amounts you suggested that were drained are low and you may do very well without any more drainage.

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