what's does your hemoglobin - hematocrit levels typically need to be before plastic surgery?

I'm suppose to have a tt,lipo,A.breast inplants and a fat tran to my butt on march 3, ....my test came back my hemoglogin is 11.6 and my hemataocrit is 34.4..... Today I'm going to go get some liquid iron and take that's 3 time a day....Dr.. what's u think Monday is a round the corner ..PLEASE E-MAIL ME BACK

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Surgey in a patient with a hemoglobin of twelve

the number in itself is not a main concern. how long is your planned surgery going to take(?), and who is your plastic surgeon (?) matter more. if your plastic surgeon is board certified, has done a ton of combined procedures, has privileges to do it at a local hospital, and uses a certified operating room and an efficient staff...you'll be ok. all surgeries carry risks, and choosing the right surgeon is key.

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Lab results

Thank you for the question.

This level has to be 12 or above in order to be a good candidate for Plastic Surgery. If it's lower, iron tablets should be taken daily in order to raise the level to a safe one.

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Breast augmentation

That depends on where your lab was drawn.  There is a reference range off to the side of your results.  That is an appropriate hemoglobin.

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