Can Your Face Width Be Reduced?

My face width is a centimeter higher the ideal face width. By "ideal" I mean golden ratio ideal. My face would fit the mask if only it were not wider. Is there a plastic surgery that can reduce face width by at least a centimeter (.5 centimeter both halves)?

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Can Your Face Width Be Reduced?

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Facial proportions can be changed surgically or non-surgically. It's difficult to answer your question without meeting you in person or at least reviewing appropriate images. Width of the lower face can be changed in some patients with Botox treatments of the masseter muscle. I've had great success with this in office treatment. This can be combined with filler treatments of the temples or cheeks to rebalance the face in patients with atrophy of these regions. Many options exist but a fuller discussion would require photos. I hope this is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

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