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I had swollen turbinates got turbinate surgery done and after 6 to 7 months again the turbinates are swollen.Before and after surgery my anterior group of paransal sinus always came clear in xray,ct scan and mri.I have been treated with various nasal sprays, anti allergic tablets and anti inflammatory tablets for about two years but there was no benefit.Doctors diagone it as allergic rhinitis.Symptoms are 1) Something streched in nose all the time. 2) Feeling no sensation of airflow in and out. Do I have empty nose syndrome?

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Swollen Turinates

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If you have allergies your turbinates will go up and down as the allergies come and go. Remember allergy is a chronic problem and you will have it for most of your life. Have you been desensitized with needles? In Toronto we can get Nasal Airflow studies to measure you airway resistance.


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