How Do You Keep Your Appearance From Changing Month to Month with Radiesse?

I'm considering radiesse but I'm worried about my appearance gradually changing month to month then going back to 100% when it's redone. Is there a way to time retouches so that the fluctuations are minimal?

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How Do You Keep Your Appearance From Changing Month to Month with Radiesse

The changes from Radiesse are just not that drastic. You won't be able to time changes by a monthly status. If you want to keep the effectiveness of the Radiesse, I'd recommend more being added somewhere between 6-9 months. Stacking fillers (putting more in before the original is dissipated entirely) actually proves over time to make them last longer. So assuming you like the Radiesse, you can have more done about 6 months in or so, but to time it month-by-month won't work.

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Radiesse over time

Radiesse is a volumizing filler and can replace volume in many areas. There are additional studies showing long term collagen effects, making it last longer than hyaluronic acid fillers. I would suggest doing the initial injection to the correction you desire and returning when you feel as though volume loss is returning.

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How Do You Keep Your Appearance From Changing Month to Month with Radiesse?

      Radiesse, after injection swelling is gone, will not change very dramatically.  The best thing you can do is monitor the areas of injection and return to the injector when the volume is thought to have decreased.


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How Do You Keep Your Appearance From Changing Month to Month with Radiesse?

Well, you can't.  The good news is that the changes effected by Radiesse, depending on the volume injected, are actually fairly subtle.  I don't generally recommend more than two syringes at one time and, in fact, even when two are planned, I like to do one and then wait several weeks before doing the second.  It makes the process a little more precise, although there's nothing wrong with doing more when indicated and when a routine has already been established.   Radiesse also comes in two different sized syringes.

So, in your case, you can be treated with one syringe (either size), wait a few weeks and then, if you want, have some additional treatment.  You also have about 24 hours after the injections during which you can massage the material and reshape it (slightly).  There are, therefore, several choices in terms of individualizing your treatments.  The best thing is to discuss these with your Plastic Surgeon and work out a plan you're comfortable with.

I hope that this helps and good luck,

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