Youngest age to get a Chin Augmentation?

I am a current 17 year old junior in high school with probably the weakest jaw EVER, and a large overbite and openbite (I am a male). My parents have already agreed to getting a full jaw surgery when I turn 21 because jaw surgeries can't occur too early as I am still growing. However they were wondering if I could get a chin implant until the age I am 21, and then when I am 21, take out the chin implant and then get the jaw surgery. Would this be possible? Thanks

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Chin surgery

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I would not recommend doing different surgery while you are planning/waiting for your jaw surgery, it will add scar and problems.
By the time you finish your orthodontic work in preparation for jaw surgery you will be ready for you final surgery.
Ali Totonchi M.D.

Chin Implant Before Orthognathic Surgery

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Placing a chin implant now is certainly possible with its removal later. At the time of your orthognathic surgery at age 21, the implant can be removed if the forward jaw movement is enough or removed and replaced by a new implant or a sliding genioplasty. 

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