15 - Too Young for Plastic Surgery?

I'm 15, turning 16 in March and I'd like to have something done about the sunken in dark circles under my eyes. I've tried so many concealers, I've tried putting cucumbers on them, allergy medicine, eye creams, going to dermatologists, drinking more water, sleeping for 10 hours every night, etc and nothing has helped whatsoever.The dark circles are sunken in and hallow, and I have lines and milia. These are not regular circles from lack of sleep, I've had them for as long as I can remember.

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Dark hollow eye circles in a teenager

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What concerns me is your age and the possibility of an underlying problem as well as the long term management. Clearly any procedure will require the consent of a responsible adult. The lack of photographs makes it difficult to assess the severity of your condition which you periceive to be advanced. Discuss your findings with your pediatrician or primary care physician.

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Dark Circles Under Eyes of 15 Year Old

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Hi Queen B,

It sounds as if you have inherited familial dark circles under your eyes.  You can consult with an honest, ethical cosmetic surgeon for evaluation.  Unfortunately, unless the dark circles are caused by shadowing of hollows, there is not an effective way of treating them.  If you do find a physician who is willing to treat you, I would advise you to wait until you get other consultations that agree.  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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