Too Young for Eyebag Surgery at 18?

Hi I've been considering lower eyebag surgery for a while but I've just turn 18 and was wondering if I'm too young for it? i've noticed in pictures since I was younger, I've always had them but they've gotten worse and over the years, it depresses me about my self image and confidence. I don't know if it's genetic because, I have seen anyone else with it in my family apart from my dad. All i know is their aweful.

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Age 18

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Too young is a relative term in Cosmetic Surgery.  Some patients should never have surgery regardless of their age.  If lower eyelid surgery is indicated, then 18 may not be too young.

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However, it is most likely what you think is a bag is actually a lower eyelid hollow.  In persons your age, under eye filler with Restylane is generally a much better way to go.  A personal consultation is needed to confirm that this is what you need.  

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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