Too young for blepharoplasty? How botox could help me in a more effective way? (photo)

As i had a sad regard, I had a botox& I can say that I loved the results. My eyebrows are lifted& I have no more eyelid wrinkles when I smile. Everybody kept on telling me "wow, you really seem to had good vacations!"But still my left eyelid closes a little & i do have a sad look. As I m 26 I don't feel like having a blepharoplasty &also my problem is not realy dramatic. What do you think should I do? Is there a specific method that botox is used so as to have better results on eyelids lifting?

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Blepharoplasty would be a big mistake.

While is is possible that you could have what I call microblepharoplasty, you needs are truly minimal. I suspect that if you had a blepharoplasty you would find all of your upper eyelid fold missing and your brow would fall because of reduced incentive to lift the eyebrows. This will create a very disappointing surgical look. Microdroplet BOTOX creates a powerful forehead lift effect. Be careful what you look for out there.

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The pictures you provide would suggest that you would not require , nor benefit from surgery. There are Botox injection techniques that can raise the brow complex and open the eyes more. there are non-surgical laser therapies that can also give you the result you are seeking

Greg Chernoff, MD
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