I`m a Young 59y I`m 5ft 6" I Am Very Healthy Except for I Weigh 16st 7lb I Cant Shift It? (photo)

hi i`m a young 59y i`m 5ft 6" i am very healthy except for i weigh 16st 7lb i cant shift it i want to have laser liposuction for a body reshape i know the skin will not be as tight as i would like and i accept that but would still like it done is there a surgeon out there that would preform the surgery

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It's an option for most people

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I'm not exactly sure how much you weigh since it Didnt come through correctly. Either way, laser Lipo can be very successful at removing some of the additional fatty tissue. There are limits to how much can be removed in one setting but you will be smaller and have a better shape. 

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