Will ears sit closer to the head as swelling goes down? (photo)

This was my son's 2ND otoplasty: a revision, because the tops of his ears still stuck out much too far after 1st. I could barely even see a difference after he healed from his first one. Attached photos show him right before surgery, and then yesterday right after we took the bandage off (24 hours post-op, as doctor said). His ears stick out even farther than before the surgery! Also, I can't see even a hint of a fold behind the left ear. Doctor said it was 18mm on left and 17 on right post-op.

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Early Otoplasty Swelling

I would not make any final assessment this early after surgery. There can be quite a bit of swelling due to inflammation as a result of the surgery. Give it at least 3-4 weeks before making any conclusions. Occasionally there can be loss of correction with this procedure. In addition, 18mm and 17mm is pretty close to the head, so any more than that would have a very stuck on appearance.

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