What is wrong with my eyes/why are they so different? (photos)

I never used to pay much attention to my eyes, but recently in photos, one eye stands out to me so much more than the other. One eye seems more closed off and smaller than the other and it looks so different it throws my whole face off. What is this? Can it be corrected? FYI I like the eye that shows more lid better (the left one in the picture)

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You have early upper eyelid ptosis.

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The right upper eyelid is slightly heavier with more platform show than on the left side.  This also causes a compensatory elevation in the eyebrow.  I address this type of issue with a procedure I call Strunctured Microblepharoplasty.  Typically this procedure involves removal of a small amount of upper eyelid skin with formation of a hard crease using a procedure called anchor blepharoplasty.  The tendon in the eyelid can be strengthened at the same time to help support the upper eyelid margin.  It all starts with a very detailed consultation.

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Different looking eyes

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It is difficult to tell from the 2D photo submitted. It may be that one is more bulging (or sunken) than the other. Or something else could be the problem. See an oculoplastic specialist for evaluation.

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