Is my collumellar scar normal? The two pieces of skin have not been sewn flush to one another. (photo)

I'm one week post op and had cast removal yesterday, whilst I can appreciate this is incredibly early days I just cannot see how my scar will heal smoothly. The two pieces of skin have not been sewn flush to one another. It's very jagged and rough and looks like a piece of gristle. I'm very disheartened. The thought of having a revision and dragging the process our longer is making me feel very low and anxious.

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Seven Days Post Rhinoplasty with concerns of Columella Incision

Dear zoe87, No your incision is not closed properly and needs to be addressed immediately. I suggest you contact your surgeon ASAP and have this corrected. Sooner better then later as this will not heal adequately on its own. When these incisions are closed properly they are barely noticeable at the the time of the splint removal. I have enclosed a link below of a typical incision in my practice at seven days post surgery to give you an idea and a video above on splint removal day. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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Columellar incision mismatch

The difference of skin level between the top and the bottom is apparent and needs to be corrected.  If the area is very inflamed at present then you might want to give it another week or 2 to reduce the inflammation.

Any repair done during an extremely inflamed situation does not hold well.  New


Dr. J

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Columellar incision

It does not look normal, you are correct. Of course, I have no way of knowing your pre-op situation nor exactly what was done at surgery which could be of some importance. You should see your surgeon for prompt evaluation. Even if no adjustment is done now for whatever reason(s), it should be relatively straightforward under local anesthesia to revise this (if it needs it) at an appropriate time in the future.

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Incisoin issue

The incision needs to be corrected ASAP. Perhaps that stitches become undone during the early post-op period. Go back to your surgeon!

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