Surgery to reduce size of mid face? Want permanent surgical changes.

I feel my mid face is too big as I have big wide cheekbones and very full cheeks. I'd like a slimmer bone structure and smaller cheekbones and a oval face shape. I also feel my cheeks are too round and when I smile my face looks even bigger with the fat cheeks and big cheekbones. I'd like buccal fat removal/cheek fat removal and cheekbone reduction. Would surgeons agree or recommend these or something else? I am very slim so look like I have a big head in contrast.

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Surgery to reduce size of mid face? = it depends of the cause #bucalfatremoval #cheeksurgery

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Reduction of the size of the mid face to make look slimmer could be achieved with plastic surgery. The type of procedure that the patient might be candidate depends on the cause. Soft tissue ( excess of fat) or bone tissue ( size, width of the facial skeleton) could be the cause and therefore they require different treatments. Patients interested in determine if candidates for plastic surgery procedures to slim their faces, should make a consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon specialized in plastic surgery procedure of the face

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