Can surgeons explain what exactly did my Rhinoplasty surgeon do to my nose? Operative notes (layman's terms please)

I have a operative plan and a description of the surgery he did but could some one explain this to me in laymans terms? All I know is that he did a strut/added cartilidge? To fill my collumella as I had a visible line/split and "refined the tip" judging from the diagrams and medical terms can you see where he got the cartilage (if it was cartilidge) from that he placed in my collumella? As he didn't take from my rib or ear. Thank u so much would really help my peace of mind

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Can surgeons explain what exactly did my Rhinoplasty surgeon do to my nose? Operative notes (layman's terms please) (photos)

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I always applaud surgeons who have well-written and summarized operative summaries; because potential future surgeons (hopefully something that won't ever be necessary in your case) will be able to easily identify the maneuver performed during surgery. I'll be happy to clarify what his notes appear to describe, but let me preface this by saying that the best source to learn about what was done during surgery is your actual surgeon. I'm sure your surgeon would be happy to take a few minutes to clarify his surgical maneuvers with you, and I find this to be a responsibility expected of all surgeons. In your case, based on the summary sheet, you seem to have had an open rhinoplasty, which is one of the most popular approaches to rhinoplasty. The work performed on your nose focused essentially on the tip only. The surgeon took cartilage (most likely from your septum) and created a strut that was placed in between the lower lateral cartilages to both strengthen the tip and to fill the cleft that was apparent in the before photo. Finally, he also placed supporting sutures connecting the domes of the lower lateral cartilages to make the nose more refined and unified. I hope this explanation helped, best of luck!

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