If you were my surgeon, how would you perform revision to correct visible conchal graft? (Photo)

I have had 3 rhinoplasties before, one surgeon said he will reomove the sane cartilage graft, dice it with knife and place it in bag of fasia plus he will rasp nasal bone to smooth out bridge, do you agree with this approcah? What are alternatives? I dont want any implants. How complex this can be?

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Grafts for rhinoplasty

It is not uncommon to try to improve the form and/or function of a nose during rhinoplasty by using grafts.  Cartilage grafts are sometimes used, and the ear cartilage is sometimes the source. However when a placed graft is overly visible or creating a new problem, these sometimes must be removed and an alternate technique used. 

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Rhinoplasty is  one of the most technically demanding surgery.There is no way to give appropriate advise from a picture showing the nose only.In analyzing the nose one needs an in person examination, pictures of the whole face in frontal views profiles and 3/4 views. Noses should be in harmony with the entire face

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looking at your photo I would remove the graft and place a fascia graft in its place. It also appears your lower lateral cartigages are wide.I would revise that as well.

Deborah Sillins, MD
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