Sore after 5 months out of tummy tuck and seroma. Is this normal and will it ever go away?

It's been 5 months since my tummy tuck. I had a seroma which was drained and has since healed well. The problem is I still have an uncomfortable feeling deep in that area.  It's not that painful just feels sore.

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Pain after tummy tuck

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 With your history of having a seroma, especially if they been there for a while, can make a scar sack around that fluid collection. We use in office ultrasound after tummy tuck's to see if any of these little pockets still remain. Sometimes, a steroid injection will help them melt away as well as decrease the discomfort. I would recommend you go back to your  chosen plastic surgeon for an evaluation. Congratulations on your surgery.

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Healing after a seroma

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Thank you for your question.

After a seroma heals it can cause scar tissue in that area, which can lead to discomfort.  I would contact your surgeon and have them check the area out to make sure this is not what is happening. Good luck with recovery.

Francis Johns, MD
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