Should I get a Smart Lipo, a thigh lift or some other procedure for tonight sculpting? (Photo)

Hello, I lost 45lbs thought a yearlong diet and exercise program. However, once I reached 135lbs, I could not lose any more weight and my ribs stated to show.  Unfortunately, I don’t like the shape of my thighs they are large and flabby.  I would like to know which plastic procedure would be the best option in terms of effectiveness and cost. Thank You! (I am 20 years old, and 5'3" tall)

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During Smartlipo laser body sculpting, skin is also tightened in the area resulting in a smoother and more even look. Since laser liposuction is less invasive, the recovery period is pretty short.  Most people can return to work in a few days and to exercising in about two weeks. If you have excess, loose skin, a thigh lift might be a better option for you. It’s important to book a consultation with a qualified cosmetic surgeon in your area before you move forward with any plans!

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