Is it safe to apply Hydroxyapatite Granule bone cement over metal plates and screws?

I'm looking to have some orbital rim augmentation via hydroxyapatite granules /bone cement. I have metal plates and screws on my orbital rim and cheeks from a prior maxillofacial surgery. Is there any risk to applying the granules over metal plates and screws?

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Hydroxyapatite Cement

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There is no issues or concerns with the application of hydroxyapatite cement over indwelling metal plates and screws in the face. To some degree it is actually helpful as it gives the cement some irregular surfaces onto which the cement can engage and harden.


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Normally how it works is that you would have a consultation with a reconstructive surgeon and they would examine you, review your history and any imaging you may have and then recommend how you can most safely achieve your cosmetic goal. How it doesn't work is that you decide you want to have hydroxyapetite granules / bone cement.

Edwin Ishoo, MD
Cambridge Facial Plastic Surgeon

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