Should I be taking Rogaine for women 2% before my Surgical Hairline procedure? (Photos)

I'm planning to have the surgical hairline procedure done and I feel that my hair is not the strongest and am fearful for hair loss after the procedure. I was recommended to take Rogaine for women 2% before the procedure and wanted to get some more prospective on this. I plan to have this procedure done First week of November 2016 and will start taking Rogaine September 2016.

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Rogaine before a surgery procedure

There is no need to take Rogaine or any other medication prior to having a hairline transplant procedure unless your doctor recommends that treatment

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Rogaine before surgery

That answer is easy - please check with your surgeon. In fact, anything you do - check with your surgeon. After your first meeting with your surgeon, he or she took notes and formed a plan based on the information given. If anything changes, you need to let your surgeon know.If you have a cold and take Advil - let your surgeon know. If you take antibiotics for a sinus infection before surgeon - call your surgeon before. If you start a new vitamin - call your surgeon.Any changes need an update.Now back to minoxidil. For my patients, I recommend stopping 10 days before and starting 10 days after. Minoxidil is great to consider because it may reduce post op shedding. However, it is a vasodilator and may increase bleeding at the time of surgery.In conclusion, please check with your surgeon.

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