Quicklift - What is it about the quicklift that seems to offer a more natural vector?

I realise that branded facelifts are not always as brilliant as they seem, but what is it about the quicklift that seems to offer a more natural vector than others around cheekbone area and midface? It never looks pulled to me and the cheek 'apples' don't look too wide unlike some other lifts. Can the quicklift be combined with necklift and how come so few doctors offer this in the states? Just not sure if I'm missing something!

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Natural Vector Faceliftm with the QuickLift is

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The QuickLift does produce a very natural facelift in the right hands. It is based on the MACS Lift, a procedure devised by 2 Belgium plastic surgeons. Instead of elevating the skin and the underlying support layer of the face (the SMAS) and then attempt to elevate the SMAS. In the MACS like lifts, the skin is undermined and the SMAS is elevated using sutures into the outside of the SMAS. The reason these facelifts are so much more natural is that in the old fashioned SMAS facelift the SAMS cannot actually be elevated and has to be rotated up and back because of underlying facial nerves, whereas, in the MACS Lift like procedures, the tissues can actually be elevated in the opposite direction from where they came. The SMAS lift also stretches the base tissues which thins them. The MACS Lift moves the deep tissues back to where they came and fills the areas of deflation, thus also improving the natural appearance. The main problem with the QuickLift is that most surgeons doing it are not plastic surgeons and some may not even be surgeons. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is find an experienced plastic surgeon and then look at the facelifts done by him or her. (See TodaysFacelift.com)

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Quicklift results

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The quicklift does provide a really natural vector and I have used this type of procedure for many facelifts and combined it with a necklift the majority of the time. The type of neck lift depends on what needs to be done. There are many types of facelifts that provide a natural result, but it has to be done with a natural result in mind, not just lifting as much as possible. I don't just do the quicklift on every patient, it must be adjusted to each patient for the results to look natural.  Also it isn't just the technique as previously mentioned, the S lift and the MACS lift are similar, it depends on how much is done as well as who is doing the procedure. Look at the surgeon's other results. Sometimes fat transfers can help fill in a more natural submalar area, but I have found this rarely necessary with a quicklift due to the way the tissue is gathered. In other techniques, it becomes very important.

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