Will clitorplexy affect the sensation of the clitoris?

I need a clitorplexy as my clitoris sits low (mid of labia!) and protrudes. It's fallen down the labia rather than on the clitoral hood and needs to be pushed back and repositioned. I'm concerned it'll ruin the sensation of the clitoris as I've heard this to be true. Also would I be able to have a price quote for this? Thank you

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Will Clitoropexy affect sensation

Hello Sienna,

I have performed hundreds of Clitoral Hood Reductions with Clitoropexies at the time of Labiaplasty with nobody having a negative impact on clitoral sensation. If anything, there is likely to be a heightened orgasmic response.

I perform labia reductions in the office under local anesthesia. Every woman is shaped differently and requires her own unique cosmetic correction.  What is often overlooked by most surgeons is the prepuce, or clitoral hood, which may require reduction and even lifting to achieve the optimal youthful appearance and enhanced sensation for ultimate pleasure.

A virtual consultation before flying out to Denver for your procedure can be done to reassure you of what is best for your specific anatomy.

Best of luck,

Oscar A. Aguirre, MD

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