Ptosis repair before or after brow lift?

I'm getting a brow lift done soon, but I also have one ptoic eyelid and the brow on that side elevates a little higher than the other (compensation). Now, if I get a brow lift with the brows being asymmetric due to the ptosis, will that impact how I look at the end after getting the ptosis fixed?

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Ptosis Repair and Brow Lift - Timing

In patients with ptosis, I always try to address that first. If you have a blepharoplasty or brow lift, it will only make the ptosis much more obvious. Especially in patients with ptosis on only 1 side, I feel that doing the brow lift first doesn't make too much sense.

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If you have a brow lift without the ptosis repair, the ptosis will be more visible.

You provide no photographs so it is hard to provide more accurate advice about this issue.  There is no substitute for personal consultation.  Since you have obviously had many consultations,what do the surgeons you are seeing advise you?  Many of my patients are so happy with the improvement of their eyebrows after the ptosis is corrected, they elect not to have a browlift which very often creates an unnatural change to the forehead.  If you do elect to have a browlift, it should only be done endoscopically in my opinion.

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Ptosis and Brow Lift

The position of the brow can have an impact on ptosis.  I would suggest having the ptosis evaluated by an oculoplastic surgeon.  Without photos and a full exam it is hard to say how dependent your ptosis is on your brow position.  But this is an excellent question and concern.

Jessica Lattman, MD
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