Do people diagnosed with silent sinus syndrome always have a history of sinus problems?

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Silent sinus syndrome

Not necessarily. It's 'silent' because it doesn't tend to cause any symptoms or clinical signs until it has been there for some time, then causing hypoglobus. A simple cold or some other anatomical predisposition can set the process off.

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Silent sinus syndrome

great question!  Actually the majority are Asymptomatic although some can have sinus symptoms depending on the offending sinus. It usually presents with the eye falling inward and downward because of increased orbital volume. In this condition there is anatomic obstruction of the cheek sinus drainage pathway. Over time the sinus gets smaller pulling down the eye socket floor. It can also happen with the frontal sinus which pulls up the orbital roof. The drainage pathway can be opened which hopefully stops the process and grafts to the orbit can restore the wall position. Hope that helps. 

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