Im worried about my panic disorder and sleeve surgery. Will my meds work after surgery?

I'm getting sleeved in a few weeks and I'm very nervous about one thing, my panic disorder. I have read that wls can aggravate those with anxiety, panic, and depression. I'm on Effexor XR and wonder if it will continue to work after my surgery. I am NOT willing to trade weight loss for panic episodes. They are worse than death to me. I have asked my pcp and bariatric surgeon both of whom say it will be fine. But I feel they don't really know. Any thoughts?

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Panic Disorder Meds WILL Work After Sleeve Surgery

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both of your doctors are correct.  I think they do know what they are talking about.  Your medications are absorbed in the intestines, and no change to your intestines occurs with a sleeve Gastrectomy.   The only thing that will change is that your meds will kick in a bit quicker as the remaining stomach following a sleeve empties into the intestines quicker than it did prior to surgery.  So hopefully now you can focus on your upcoming surgery with your mind at ease.

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