Perineoplasty in Baltimore?

I am trying to find a doctor to perform perineoplasty near Baltimore, MD. So far I can only find Karen Boyle. Just wanted to know if anyone knows of anyone else in the area. I would look in DC but that's about 2 hours from my home.

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Perineoplasty just north of Baltimore

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Perineoplasty travels well. You can have the procedure and go home the same day if nothing else is done and you do it under local anesthesia. I would recommend you expand your search. I manage out of town patients on a regular basis and have had more than a few "drive through" perineoplasty patients extremely satisfied with both the experience and the results.

Perineoplasty in Baltimore

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I would search out a sub specialist in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery (FPMRS).  The field of cosmetic gynecology is new and largely driven by surgeons in private practice rather than an academic setting. Johns Hopkins is a great medical school in Baltimore with a FPMRS department.  Since cosmetic gynecology is such a new area of specialization it is unlikely that these surgeons focus their attention on this field.  The key thing to understand is what are you trying to accomplish with perineoplasty?  An isolated procedure such as this is fairly straightforward to achieve.  But be certain you communicate clearly with your surgeon what problems you are experiencing. If vaginal tightening is an issue, an isolated perineoplasty will not suffice.  

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