Had malar bags/festoons since the age of 13-14. How can this be possible and are they really festoons? I am 20 now.

I've had malar bags/festoons since a young age, I remember this being a period when I had acne and used various topicals. Could I've had a allergic reaction to one of these topicals perhaps? The bags have been improving for the last two years, but they're still very visible and makes me look mad and tired. What can I do, and what could the bags be if they're not festoons? Any allergies that could be behind it?

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Malar bags festoons

Does it  really matter what you call the bulges beneath the eyelids.
These can be treated with injections within or below to reduce the appearance of the bulges.  Surgical approaches are another option.
Please consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in person prior to making treatment decisions, cheers.

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