I am wondering how much a face and neck lift might cost?

I am 57, and up until I went through menopause at 56, I looked more than 10 years younger than my age. My nose, eyes, and forehead (with a little botox), still look quite good. My mid cheeks to my jaw seemingly fell overnight! :( I am looking to look attractive, firmer, tightened and refreshed!

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I am wondering how much a face and neck lift might cost?

I have heard many times women note that their faces dropped within 18 months of menopause.  It seems that ligamentous structures relax and fat distribution changes all contribute.  A thorough and properly done facelift can make you look 10-15 years younger and generally lasts for 10-12 years.  One of my patients recently returned for a redo of her lift 18 years after her initial procedure.  Prices will differ and vary considerably depending upon location and experience of the surgeon but I would assume that a face and necklift without eyelids would run between $15-$25 thousand dollars as an estimate.  I prefer to camouflage the incision so more skin can be removed without obvious incision lines and use fat grafts to rejuvenate the skin and selectively restore volume. I also have had very good experience using fibrin glue to diminish bruising.  
Good luck with your procedure and enjoy your results. I'd also suggest that you watch the video above!

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The fees for a facelift will vary from surgeon to surgeon.  Without knowing exactly what needs to be done, it is hard to nail down a fee.  In NYC, the fee could vary from $7500-$20000.

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Facelift Cost

The cost of your procedure depends on how extensive the surgery needs to be. You may be a good candidate for a mini facelift, and I charge about $6500 for a mini facelift. Sometimes it can be more if liposuction of the neck is required. Full facelifts and neck lifts can run about $10,000 in my practice and that includes anesthesia fees and operating room fees.

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Face lift and neck lift cost

Great question.  The cost of plastic surgery procedures including face lift and neck lift vary from surgeon to surgeon as well as what is actually done during the procedure.  A face lift and neck lift can be done in one hour or it can take four to five hours depending on what is addressed during surgery.  A formal face lift and neck lift in my practice is about twenty thousand.  You will find prices highly variable among your consults.  It will be important therefore to understand what each "face lift" and "neck lift" actually entails as well what you should expect as a result.

All the best,

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Cost of Face Lift

Many patients say this:  "My face changed overnight!" It can be disquieting to look in the mirror and not see the "you" you've always seen. Face-lift surgery can entail many things, including fat transfer, liposuction, neck lifting...the best way to get an accurate idea of cost is to arrange for an in-person office visit or over-the-phone consultation. To create a refreshed look is important, but even more important is that you still look natural, because if someone looks "done," it can actually make a person look older than before surgery. 

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How Much Does a Full Face Lift Cost? How Much Does a Full Face Lift Cost? I am wondering how much a face and neck lift might

As there is no two absolutely identical Face Lifts, the cost will depend on what you need. Moreover, the procedure of Face lift suppose an infinite number of variations, that significantly differ in complexity, applied technique and result. That is just one factor, influencing the price.
Other things, forming the price are: the country, the city, the level of med. facility, surgeon's training and reputation, fees for anesthesya and all supplies used during and after the surgery, one overnight stay in a hospital, fees for the staff that will care after you, all visits before and after surgery, possibility for revisions, etc.
So, it is clear that the range of prices is very wide; in our clinic it is anywhere 7 000 to 14 000 $.
I will kindly remind you that looking for the lowest price is not the best approach when it comes to surgery.
I hope this helps...

Ercan Karacaoglu, MD
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Cost of surgery

Thank you for your question.  The costs of surgery very from surgeon to surgeon, area to area, and depends on what you are having done and where you are having it done (office operating room vs hospital operating room, sedation versus general anesthesia).  The real issue is that you should feel comfortable and safe with your surgeon.  Make sure you see a board certified plastic surgeon and they can go over costs/pricing depending on what you need.  All the best, 

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Cost of a facelift

The cost varies depending on the geographic location and skill and approach of the surgeon.  Our Latham, NY  location typically runs between 6000.00 to 14,500.00 depending as well on the type of Facelift.  When I perform a deep plane face and neck lift it is a more involved and also more effective lift heavy jowls and neck as compared to a Weekend or mini lift.  
In our manhattan office, fees tend to be a bit higher reflecting the cost of the operating rooms, anesthesia and overhead in general.   Good luck with your search and there is much more information on our website if you are interested.


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Cost of Facelift Varies

As you can tell from the other answers provided, it is difficult to pin down even a ballpark cost of a facelift combined with a neck lift. That's because it's impossible to quote a price without conducting a consultation and assessing the details of an individual's unique needs. One factor in the cost of all cosmetic surgery is location — meaning the geographic region of your plastic surgeon's office. I see you're in the Syracuse area. The average cost of a procedure on Long Island, where I practice, may be a bit different than Upstate. You can use the "Cost" tab at the top of this page to see what other RealSelf users have reported in different areas. Even though cost is an important consideration, I would not let price be the primary factor when choosing a plastic surgeon. You are literally trusting your face to a surgeon; find one with a track record for excellent results, and the money you spend will be worth it.

James N. Romanelli, MD, FACS
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Facelift cost

Thank you for your question. The different facial surgery procedures can be done in isolation or as a combination of procedures and each procedure can help to address individualized concerns with the face. The total cost of a facial surgery can vary immensely depending on what combination of procedures are considered. The range can be anywhere from 8,000 to 25,000 dollars. For example, a facelift can be combined with a neck lift, eyelid lifts (upper and lower), brow lift, mid face lift and fat grafting procedures. Each of these can add time and costs to the procedure. Staying a night or two in the hospital will also contribute to the cost. Further there are some great non-surgical procedures such as laser resurfacing that can help further optimize your results and be added to your procedure in a staged fashion or at the time of surgery.

More important than the cost, however, is finding the right surgeon for you and help you assess your concerns and develop an appropriate surgical plan of care for you.

Young R. Cho, MD, PhD
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