Breast implants and immunity; do the implants cause any autoimmune disorders or rheumatological manifestation?

do the implants cause any autoimmune disorders or rheumatological manifestation ?

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Breast implants and Autoimmune disease.

Thanks for your question.  As you know silicone Implants were removed from the United States market in the early 1990's because of the concerns that you have brought up.  Large studies were then done to try to definitively answer that question. In large groups of women, with and without Silicone gel, unfortunately some did develop these disorders, but the numbers were not significantly different in either group with or without silicone implants. This led the FDA to believe that there is no link between Gel implants and Rheumatologic disorders and gel implants were once again allowed on the market.

As a physician I think it is important to never say never, but I personally feel the risks are low. For my  patients I try to stress the importance of surveillance to make sure the implants are intact. 

If you are not comfortable with silicone gel saline is still a good alternative, but each still has a silicone shell.

Hope this has been helpful.

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