8 days blepharoplasty and epi. Why is crease not forming on right eye? Is the crease too high? Wanted medium crease (Photo)

I'm very concerned with the right eye, it seems that the doctor over cut the epi. The crease is not folding correctly and eye looks pulled. Also I'm concerned with the hight of the crease on both eyes. Looks dramatic and high. Does this look normal? Seems that I'm healing in the slower side

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Accessory crease and Pretarsal swelling

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Hi there. Greetings from the UK! First thing to say is try not to worry too much at this very early stage. It's not uncommon to have extensive pretarsal swelling which artificially elevates the skin crease height sometimes on one side more than the other. So be reassured that what you're seeing now is nowhere near what the final result will look like. I always warn my patients about this and reassure them not to worry about asymmetry unless it remains persistent at 3 months. One thing to say though is that you do have an accessory crease in your YOUR right upper lid. It's likely that it was present prior to your operation anyway and might have been fairly poorly defined and only apparent on upgaze. They sometimes become more apparent following surgery as the vectors alter around your eyelid. They usually disappear as the swelling reduces but uncommonly can remain permanent. Rest assured it's not something that your surgeon created and was there pre surgery anyway. I tend to look out for them in my patients pre surgery and meticulously try to ablate them during the surgery. Annoyingly they can still come back despite this. Best Wishes David

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Bad results following Asian eyelid surgery?

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 Thank you for sharing your questions and posting your photographs. You look very good for eight days after surgery. Give it more time to heal before judging the results. If you are very anxious, make an appointment for in- person evaluation by your surgeon. Good luck, 

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