What's going on with my nose?! (photos)

2 months post op. Open septo rhinoplasty. My nose is an absolute mess. It's bulky, wide, swollen, has a dent in the left nostril, the tip is pointy, droopy and angular. My left side profile looks like my nose is a beak. devastated and depressed, even cancelled my wedding next year. My dr put me on antibiotics as very inflamed, due to see surgeon next week. Would appreciate other surgeons opinions.

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At 2 months, you are extremely early in your recovery period and the nose is expected to be quite swollen at this point.The swelling during this time is rarely symmetric. One side will always resolve more quickly than the other. The majority of the swelling will resolve in 3-6 months, and will continue to resolve as your nose heals for up to 1-2 years. You have not reached your final shape as the nose will continue to heal and reduce in size for up to a year. Once it does reach its final shape you may be more pleased with the appearance of your nose.

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Swelling after rhinoplasty

Thank you for your question. Remember, you should always address any post-operative concerns with your primary surgeon. It is very important to remember it takes 6 months for 90% of the swelling to resolve after a rhinoplasty. During this waiting period, several treatment options can reduce the swelling. First, post-operative taping is imperative to decrease swelling and mold the shape of the nose. This can be performed for a minimum of 2 weeks with recommendations commonly for 3 months. Second, a short course of oral steroids (Medrol dose pack) can be beneficial in the early stages to decrease swelling and pain. Third, I commonly use a dilute solution of Kenalog with Marcaine to decrease swelling of the nasal tip. I hope you find this helpful. Best of luck in your recovery!

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Rhinoplasty Recovery

Hang in there! As long as the shape and swelling are improving week to week, however slowly, there is still hope for the final outcome. Ask you plastic surgeon if there would be any benefit to taping or a steroid injection that can help speed your recovery. It takes over a year to realize the final results of rhinoplasty. Think of it this way, one millimeter of swelling would not even be noticeable in a breast augmentation. One millimeter may be the whole difference between success and failure in a rhinoplasty. It will take well over a year before that last millimeter of swelling has gone away and right now there is even more swelling as it is still very early.

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