Self rib nose - does my rib incision look normal? (Photo)

20th oct is 2 weeks after my self rib nose revision. I did it abroad and i left the country a week ago which is why the stitches has to be taken out in my home country 2 on 20th. Is my incision infected? Im asian and get hypertrophic scars and the incision looks red and raised but im more worried about the white parts

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Rib incision

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Your rib incision in the photos looks normal.  You should follow-up with someone in person to really evaluate it, because photos do not tell all.

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Hypertrophic scarring after rib harvest

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I strongly suggest you discuss these concerns with the doc that takes your sutures out.  2 weeks is a long time to keep the stitches in place - after removal, they may want to keep a close eye on the wound as you may need some attention to it based on your history.  The best thing that you can personally do is obtain some silicone sheets and gel. Once your sutures are removed and the incision cleaned, start using the products as described by your doc taking the sutures out.  Best of luck.  

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