Self rib nose recovery?

I did self rib yday and it was very painful to get in and out of bed. How is the recovery and how long do i avoid work out(chest) and when can i use 10kg backpack? Is it like recovering from BA surgery? Ive had BA surgery before and i avoided raising my arms above shoulders, is it the same with self rib? I can walk slowly although i do feel tension on the rib area but it's bearable and i try to walk every day

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Rib cartilage graft

Yes, harvesting a rib can be very uncomfortable.   Since you are very recent post-op, you should probably address your concerns directly with your surgeon.

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Self rib nose recovery?

Congrats on your Rhinoplasty surgery!  Your surgeon will guide you through recovery.  I advise my patients to avoid gym activities for 6 weeks following the rib graft.  Peaceful walking is fine.  It is not unusual to experience some soreness and pain in the first few weeks following surgery.  I really would not compare it to Breast surgery as the pain associated with that depends on the placement of the implants.   

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