Self rib nose - infection rate?

asian, just did self rib nose, alloderm and ear cartilage on nose tips + alloderm on bridge since i cant use foreign materials anymore cause of nasal perforation from previous surgeries and my nose skin is very thin. will cartilage always pose a risk of resorption and will never be as flawless as silicone in terms of the aesthetic?

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Use Of Cartilage Grafts In Secondary Rhinoplasty

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When one enters the realm of secondary rhinoplasty surgery,  a "flawless" result is usually not in the cards. Rather, both surgeon and patient are frequently forced to make a series of compromises in order to increase the odds of achieving a safe, reliable result that is aesthetically satisfactory to both parties.  

In your case, given your history of nasal perforation, the use of autogenous tissue, rib and ear cartilage, rather than a silicone implant, for your secondary surgery, is a reasonable approach.  It is true that some resorption or warping of the rib cartilage is possible over time, but, in a healthy, nonsmoking patient, the cartilage and rib grafts usually become well vascularized, and the risk of infection, while still present, is small and manageable.

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Revision surgery for failed prior rhinoplasties

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I agree with using your own tissues for rhinoplasty especially if you've had multiple prior surgeries. It sounds like your skin is very thin and likely has poor circulation. You'll need to follow closely with your surgeon and avoid pressure on the operated on area for many weeks. Best wishes on your healing.

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Revision rhinoplasty using your own rib cartilage

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if you had that many surgeries and your skin was perforated by your previous implants there is no such thing as "flawless" for you. The best you can hope for is a very nice improvement over whatever it was you started with. That being said, infections of cartilage graft are very rare  and you should be just fine.  I do think you did the right thing utilizing the combination of beer and rib cartilage that you described.  Follow up closely with your surgeon and if you think you have any signs of infection such as prolong swelling redness or new onset of pain call your surgeon immediately. 

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