Best material to build a flat bulbous Asian nose tip and bridge?

asian, have to take out my L implant that has shifted n made my tip VERY thin. a dr said he'll use alloderm on nosetip to protect the thin skin. my nose is flat and bulbous w/o implant. he refuse to put a new implant on my bridge since it can cause infecion if it gets close to my hole, the septal perforation. what can be used to build a defined, high tip? i want a high bridge and defined nose tip. he recommended self rib but its too invasive

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Asian Rhinoplasty tip and bridge

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There are many options when choosing Asian rhinoplasty, but the safest, most permanent and predictable way to achieve excellent results is with tissue from your own body (autologous grafts).  The choice of cartilage grafts will depend on the degree of augmentation and refinement you desire.

Tissue from your own body (autologous grafts) will give you a safer, more permanent result than synthetic implants. While en bloc cartilage grafts, especially from the rib, can warp over time, there are ways to eliminate this problem.  Especially for dorsal augmentation (building up the bridge) using cartilage that is finely diced and wrapped in fascia taken from your scalp can be made into a custom size and shape for your particular nose (DCF). By dicing the cartilage the problem of warping is eliminated, and since it is tissue from your own body, it quickly becomes incorporated into your nose within 2-3 weeks. Results are certainly surgeon dependent, so it's important to do your research in finding an Asian rhinoplasty specialist. 

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Asian nose

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beabea91, I prefer cadaver rib along with some cartilage from the patients ear. Had good success with this approach for many years. See an experienced facial specialist ; one that has done "only faces" for decades. Search the Internet and view the video. Good luck!

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Bulbous Tip Rhinoplasty

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An L shaped Implant is notorious for causing bulbous tip deformities. A custom implant and tip cartilage reconstruction is the key to resolving a bulbous tip and a nice strong dorsum.



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