Lumineers - do I have to shave my lower teeth?

do i have to shave my lower teeth if i want to do lumineers? is porceleen more expensive? My teeth are in good condition but i have 4 vampireooking teeth and i want more squarelooking and whiter teeth, and will be interested in the more affordable option either its veneers, lumineers or porcelain

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Normally with lumineers there is little to no shaving of the enamel.  However, without photo it is very difficult to give you accurate advice.  

Generally porcelain Veneers are more expensive since more work needs to be done on the teeth.  However, you also have an inexpensive option of cosmetic recountoring, which is selective shaving of the enamel to make the teeth look better and whitening.  For best option, its best to counsult an expert cosmetic dentist to see exactly which option would be best for you.


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