I had Rhinoplasty done 6 mths ago, my profile is upturned and bridge looks shorter. Can I have the graft removed? Cost? (photos)

2nd revision to remove cartilage grafts? Can i do the procedure under Local anesthesia? How much can the procedure cost?

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Rotated tip and shorter nose 6 months after rhinoplasty

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Thank you for your question. It is difficult to tell exactly what changes have been made to your nose from the photographs provided. Additional photographs showing the entire nose from the front, side and base view would be most helpful. There are many types of "grafts" that are used by surgeons to modify the shape of the nasal tip. These grafts can be combined with sutures techniques that bend and shape your existing cartilage.  Assuming that your surgeon used a classic "tip graft", it is possible that the graft was angled too far cephalic (toward the top of your head). A graft angled too far upward can result in an upturned tip and a nose that appears shorter. Most of the time the graft can be re-positioned and does not need to be removed. Return to your surgeon and politely discuss your concerns. As a rule, most patients would not be comfortable having this procedure under local anesthesia.

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Revision Rhinoplasty for Over - Rotated Tip

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You would need more than removal of tip grafts to correct the over rotated tip with foreshortened nose. You would need extension grafts to lengthen your nose and decrease over-rotation. Prices for revision can vary from $8500 to upwards of $20000 depending on which surgeon you choose.



Oleh Slupchynskyj, MD, FACS
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Nasal graft removal

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It all depends on where the graft was placed in your nose and what it is functioning as. Your nose looks shorter due to several factors. The dorsum, or bridge of your nose is on the low side and is combined with a supratip fullness that is giving the appearance of a short nose. It is difficult to see from the photos the degree of rotation of the nasal tip which can also affect whether or not a nose looks "short" on the face. You have thicker skin and likely still have residual swelling in your nasal tip. Certain measures can be taken to reduce the swelling and include taping(usually done early in the postoperative process) or steroid injections. I always encourage patients to wait a year from their surgery before considering any type of revision. Make sure that you are following up with your surgeon throughout this process. 

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