Cortisone Injection Skin Atrophy. Any suggestions?

I had a cortisone injection for a huge cyst on my forehead that left a HUGE dent in my forehead. I had it filled in with filler temporarily. My question is, will this filler affect my foreheads ability to return to normal? Meaning will it delay/speed up the collegen to return? Also, if it never returns, what are my permanent options to fix this?

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Filler + PRP

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If you want to regenerate some skin and you're in good health, you should try PRP injected into the area to stimulate new collagen and skin. This can be done alongside fillers to give you short term results while your PRP does it's thing.   

Please bear in mind that it may take about a year to regrow your skin this way but it'll all be natural. 

Hope this helps

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