Complications /deformity of breast after explant? (Photo)

One surgeon recommends explant and fat transfer from abdomen and the other said more implants. I dont want implants. scan showed a double line on the edge of the implant. Dr said abnormal and shows inflammation. she said I can finish breastfeeding and come back to her in 6months time.I have 260 cc silicone which are 15 years old. I am 36 and have been breastfeeding for 14 months so far. I was an a cup but during pregnancy I went up to a dd. How would you suggest i move forward?

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Breast feeding

You will need to wait about 4--6 months after you stop breast feeding to have breast surgery. Until that time it is hard to say because your breast need to be evaluate again at that time.

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Removal of breast implants after pregnancy?

The answer to your question is complicated and requires a face-to-face evaluation to determine your goals and expectations as well as to make recommendations on what surgical procedure would be best for you.  My advice is to finish breast-feeding and see the size and shape of your breasts six months later assuming that at that point you will have lost some of your baby weight.  You then may feel differently and may be more droopy and smaller or may possibly retain your larger size  and consider not leaving your implants in place.  At this point any advice would be close to a guess since your breasts are so likely to change over the next several months.  Having said that I would point out that for a few patients explantation alone is adequate but for many it is a disappointment in terms of aesthetics without an uplift or placement of small implants.  Good luck and best wishes

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