Alloderm on my Asian nose bridge?

asian, had to take out my L implant that has shifted n made my tip VERY thin. my dr used alloderm to build the bridge and added 1mm extra, in total 5mm since 20% will absorb. is alloderm unpredictable and will it absorb either way? can my bridge look bumpy after a few years? i cant use implant anymore since i have a big hole, septal perforation from another botched job (ear and septal cartilage on tip and bridge 3 years ago)

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I strongly disagree

Silicone or other alloplastic materials are NOT for noses, at all, they extrude, dislocate, get infected, deformities, etc, a mess.

Other materials as artificial matrix are also non adequate, and as you could experience unsufficient.

You must get ear or rip cartilage grafting, with or without temporal fascia cover to hide its visibility.

Do seek better opinions.

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