I am a MTF transwoman 24-26 of age. I would like to know what surgery or surgeries I would need for my face (Photo)

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Need some ugly photos

One of the reasons patients go through facial feminization surgery is so they look good and feel comfortable all of the time, not just when they are dressed up, made up, and posed.  You do a great job with your makeup - using contouring and highlighting your strengths.  To give you an accurate assessment of what procedures would help you most I am going to need you to take some photos of yourself at your worst.  No makeup, hair pulled back, staring strait at the camera and in strait profile, unflattering lighting, etc.  Think mug shots.  You can get a friend to take then and not even show them to you if you want, but if you want some good some advice you are going to have to take some "bad" pictures!

-Bryan Rolfes, MD 

Minneapolis Otolaryngologist
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